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You may be putting it off because you dread visiting the dentist, or maybe because you’re worried about how dentures will make you look. We understand your apprehension, which is why when you get dentures in Victoria, BC, from Vancouver Island Prosthodontics, we do everything we can to address your concerns and alleviate your stress. Denture fabrication has become much more advanced over the years, and we can create comfortable, natural-looking dentures that will improve the quality of your life. Dentures allow you to eat and speak normally and will increase your confidence. Additionally, dentures effectively stop your facial muscles from sagging and giving your cheeks the hollow, sunken appearance that's common for people with missing teeth. There are different types of dentures, and we'll determine whether one is right for your unique needs.

Are You a Candidate for Dentures?

You may be a candidate for dentures if you're missing some or all of your teeth due to general aging, advanced tooth decay or an accident. If you're only missing a few teeth, dental implants may be a better option, but this will depend on the location of the missing teeth and the condition of your mouth. Really, the best way to know if dentures would help you is to schedule an appointment with one of our prosthodontists.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial denture prostheses, or partials, offer a solution for patients who are missing some of their natural teeth. Partial dentures ensure that remaining teeth don’t shift out of position and cause jaw pain. When natural teeth fall out of alignment, they're more vulnerable to decay. A set of partials can prevent this from happening.

Partials are made up of a number of artificial teeth attached to a pink plastic base and a clasp. The clasp and base work together to hold the artificial teeth in your mouth. Talk to one of our qualified prosthodontists to learn more.

Complete Dentures

Full denture prostheses are used when you're missing all of your natural teeth. Full dentures require a number of appointments so that our prosthodontists can ensure that the final prosthetic appliance is a perfect fit. We take detailed measurements and impressions of your jaw and then fit you with a model of your denture so that adjustments can be made before the final denture is created.

Full dentures look just like natural teeth and can greatly improve the look of your smile. And you won’t have to resign yourself to a life of eating only soft foods either. With your new dentures, you’ll be able to look forward to dinnertime again!

If you need dentures, then you need a prosthodontist. Prosthodontists specialize in artificial oral restoration, and we're proud to say that Vancouver Island Prosthodontics is the only dental clinic in all of Victoria with 3 board-certified prosthodontists on staff.

Speak to One of Our Prosthodontists Today!

If you're ready to restore your smile and think that dentures might be right for you, book your appointment now. At Vancouver Island Prosthodontics, we take care of all of your dental needs, big or small. We look forward to seeing you smile!

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