Try Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile in Victoria, BC

Teeth whitening is a common procedure here in Victoria, BC. Professional whitening treatments can dramatically reduce the appearance of stains and yellowing on your teeth. At Vancouver Island Prosthodontics, we help you smile a little brighter!

Is teeth whitening for me?

If your teeth are yellow or stained then you might want to consider a teeth whitening procedure. The most common causes of stained teeth are:

  • Smoking: Tar and nicotine stain the surface of your teeth.
  • Tannins: Coffee, tea, juice and red wine all contain pigments that attach to the surface of your teeth, changing the colour.
  • Age: Some yellowing of the teeth occurs naturally over time.
  • Poor dental hygiene: Not brushing regularly can cause plaque to build up, resulting in discolouration.

What does a teeth whitening treatment involve?

Whitening is a simple procedure that uses a bleaching agent to break down the stains discolouring your teeth. Here’s what you can expect when you come to Vancouver Island Prosthodontics:

  1. We help you determine how white you want your teeth to be and document the shade of your teeth pre-treatment so you can accurately measure your results.
  2. We clean your teeth to remove any plaque or debris.
  3. Then we isolate the teeth to be whitened to protect your gums.

Remember, you may need to repeat the procedure more than once. The number of treatments depends on how stained your teeth are, and how white you want them to become.

Types of processes for teeth whitening in Victoria, BC

There are different types of teeth whitening you can use depending on the extent of whitening you want done. Surface whiteners and bleaches are the 2 most common methods:

  • Surface whiteners: For those with only minor stains or yellowing simply using a surface whitener may suffice. This includes special abrasive products like toothpastes or chewing gums that when used correctly can help whiten teeth. Surface whiteners, however, are not as effective as professional whitening done in the dentist office. 
  • Bleaches: There are 2 types of bleaching for teeth whitening in Victoria, BC. One is vital bleaching which is done on your “living” teeth to remove food, drink, and other stains. Non-vital bleaching is done to teeth that are not considered “alive,” for example teeth that have undergone a root canal. This bleaching will lighten the tooth both inside and out.

What sort of results can I expect?

The results of teeth whitening vary from individual to individual, but in most cases, you’ll notice a difference right away. And don’t worry, the treatment is entirely safe, although some people experience some temporary sensitivity.

Certain people should not get their teeth whitened, like those experiencing gum problems or tooth decay, and women who are pregnant or nursing. One of our dentists can help you determine if a teeth whitening treatment is right for you.

Visit Vancouver Island Prosthodontics when you need teeth whitening in Victoria. We treat all of our patients like V.I.Ps!

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