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Our Dental Lab

At Vancouver Island Prosthodontics, our team is focused on creating a positive patient experience. Prosthodontists Dr. John Keyes and Dr. Brent Winnett strive to help patients feel at ease at our practice and deliver expert care that improves their oral health. With an in-house dental lab capable of producing the prosthetics and appliances patients need, we have greater control over the end-product our patients receive.

We offer prosthodontic services to the Island community. Our emphasis on patient care and high-tech services allows patients to receive the care we believe they deserve.

What Does an In-House Lab Do?

Our lab creates the restorations used to rebuild the smile. We create inlays, onlays, crowns, dentures, and their implant-supported versions all within the same building as we treat patients. Staffed with highly-skilled technicians and supplied with premium materials, the lab provides everything we need to complete treatments.

Ensuring Quality

By keeping restoration production close by, we can oversee how everything is made and raise our standards. Typically, oral healthcare practitioners outsource their lab work as they do not have a full lab. Our prosthodontists work closely with technicians to make sure everything is made to specifications in terms of durability and aesthetics. It’s our mission to provide the best prosthodontic work possible, and the greater range of oversight we have helps us accomplish this goal.

Enhancing Convenience

Generally, a dental professional would take an impression of your mouth, send it to the lab, who makes the restoration and sends it back to the office.  With us, however, impressions are taken and then sent into the next room. We make color and sizing changes on the same day, allowing patients to receive their crown or bridge when they need it.

Introducing New Technology

We offer 3D planning for our patients’ who are undergoing implant treatment or other involved procedures. Our specialists use a CT scanner to create a digital map of the smile, including the jaw bone and supporting structures, then create a plan for implant placement and restoration. With all this work done in-house, patients don’t have to visit other doctors or specialists.

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Dr. John Keyes and Dr. Brent Winnett are your Victoria prosthodontists serving all of Vancouver Island. Call or visit today for expert dental services with our in-house lab. 


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