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Fixed and Removable Dentures in Victoria, BC

Although tooth loss is commonplace, everybody deals with it differently. You may proactively seek help right away, or you may tend to isolate yourself due to feelings of fear or inadequacy. Whatever you are experiencing, the encouraging news is that modern dentistry can return a beautiful and fully functional smile to you.

Dr. John Keyes and Dr. Winnett are compassionate prosthodontists trained to treat your tooth loss with comfortable and lifelike dentures. They, along with their friendly team at Vancouver Island Prosthodontics gently care for patients in Victoria and surrounding communities.  


Many Types of Dentures to Suit a Variety of Smiles

Dentures can replace several teeth or a full arch of missing teeth. They are made of acrylic matched to the natural shade of gum tissue and lustrous porcelain crowns. Dentures are custom-designed to complement your facial features and blend in with surrounding teeth.

There are several types of dentures available: removable, permanent, full, and partial. All of them give you a beautiful smile and, after an adjustment period, restore pronunciation and chewing abilities. A consultation with one of our prosthodontists can help you determine which type of denture would serve your needs and smile best. Here is an overview to give you some basic information on each denture option.

Removable Dentures: These are a replacement for those missing a full arch of teeth. Resting on the gums, they are secured with adhesive paste and natural suction. Each night, you can soak your dentures to sanitize them. Removable dentures require adjustments to ensure an ongoing comfortable and optimal fit.

Removable Overdentures: This full arch treatment restores form and function with dentures that clasp onto implant posts. They provide a sturdy bite that is not at risk of slipping out of place. The implant posts prevent bone loss and help you avoid ongoing adjustments to your dentures. They can also be removed for nightly hygienic soakings.

Hybrid Permanent Dentures: Hybrid dentures are secured to implant posts which gives them the look and feel of natural teeth. The implant posts help you retain a youthful bone structure in your jaw. Sometimes our prosthodontists can retrofit dentures to fit onto implants. As few as four posts can secure a full arch of dentures, and this treatment has over a 95 percent rate of success.

Removable Partial Dentures: These can replace a row of teeth or intermittent missing teeth in the bite. They rest on top of the gums and remain secure using metal hooks that clasp onto neighboring teeth.

Dr. John Keyes and Dr. Winnett Restore Beauty and Function to Smiles

At Vancouver Island Prosthodontics, we have an in-house lab which allows our prosthodontists and lab technicians to conveniently team up in designing precise prosthetic that are comfortable and appealing. It also expedites the time spent on fabricating, relining, adjusting, and replacing dentures.

We know how reluctant patients may feel about seeking help to treat their tooth loss, but Dr. John Keyes, Dr. Brent Winnett and their caring team at Vancouver Island Prosthodontics can help you overcome your fears. They care for patients in Victoria and surrounding communities. For an improved smile, call our office today!


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